Overview OTRS Addons modules

OTRS Asterisk Integration Module

Add-ons PIM (PBX Integration Module) is intended for helpdesk and call centers that use the OTRS system.

With the new Add-ons module, you can immediately notify customers of the ticket number without filling fields on form.

OTRS Asterisk Integration

Functions of the module:

- Informing agents about a call and customer by CallerID

- Create a ticket with one click in the agent notification window


OTRS inventory and IP address management system (IPM)

IPM is the add-ons package of modules for the popular Help Desk system OTRS. IPM is free and open source software, distributed under the terms of the AGPL (GNU Affero General Public License).

The package is designed for LAN administrators and IT-services. Applicable for management of assets and ip-addresses of enterprise networks.

Allows by serial number or inventory number, MAC-address of the device and accessible fields of the filter to find an ip address of the device and back. This feature is useful when the device is in a stockroom or in a remote location, and need, for example, by inventory number or serial number to learn its ip-address.

Visual status indicators of ip-addresses and ping option simplify maintenance of address space.

The module can track the history of changes for the selected period.

Built-in export / import make it easy to transfer your data from Excel spreadsheets into the IPM system.


Platform: Windows/Linux

Database type: MySQL

Address space management: IPv4

Limiting the length of the network mask: / 16 (

Barcode types: Code 128B

Object hierarchy: two-levels

Interface: web



OTRS-Billing is alternative Call Accounting software (web-billing) as add-ons package of modules for OTRS

Call Accounting module for OTRS is free software, distributed under the terms of the AGPL (GNU Affero General Public License).

The system is designed for administrators and IT-services, which is necessary to perform a verification with phone providers, analysis cost of calls, loads channels of PBX, keep history crosstabs of PBX.

The system can process CDR-data from a network of multiple PBXs, as scheme:

The module is designed for Windows-based platforms, OTRS-installer for versions with StrawberryPerl.

Since version v1.3.0 the Addons also works on Linux OS


Support CDR-formats of PBX:

- Siemens HiPath 3000

- Unify OpenScape Business X, OpenScape Office MX/LX

- Asterisk (available in v1.3.0a)

Costs of own and transit calls.

Multi-tariff charging scheme.

Database type: MySQL.

Interface: Web


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